Getting Started With
Duck Passport and Cruising Ducks

In case you have missed out on the cruise duck phenomenon, it’s pretty easy, people buy or make ducks, then hide them around the ship for others to find. Sometimes, these ducks come with notes asking that their original owner be contacted or that, once found, a picture be posted in a specific Facebook group or that it is logged to a site for tracking purposes. In other cases, the ducks are themed with the name of the ship and the date of the sailing, making them great souvenirs to pass keep. The ducks you find on this site are the trackable kind so you can see where your duck has sailed to, or what ships it has been on.

Cruising Ducks - How It All Began

Although credit for the cruise craze has largely given to a young girl named Abby who hid about 50 ducks on the Carnival Breeze back in the spring of 2018, references can be found to people playing hide-and-seek with the adorable plastic creatures as far back as 2015. This isn’t to be confused with the ducks hidden/traded on Jeeps as that is a different game all together.

How To Play and Things You Need

The game is simple and fun for all ages, and if you think this is only a children’s game, you’ll want to think again. Many times you will see “kids” of all ages trying to be stealthy as they hide their ducks in plain site. Choosing a duck to hide is the hardest part as you may want to create a theme for your expedition, or hide a variety of types. You are only limited by the quantity of ducks you can carry onboard!

Ducks do vary in size and we find the small to medium ducks work best to “hide” in plain site. Lastly, don’t forget to Tag your duck so you can track its adventures. As a reminder, not everyone will log their find, so be prepared to loose a few from your flock that are destined to be souvenirs.

The rules are easy:

    - Always follow any rules provided by the Cruise line(s)
    - Never hide ducks in the on-board Shops as they shouldn’t be confused as merchandise that is for sale
    - Never attach notes that have obscenities on them in any manner
    - Avoid places where a gust of wind might send the duck flying into the ocean
    - Hide the ducks in public areas, although you may want to leave a few behind in your stateroom as you disembark for the next occupants to find.

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